Sprint #2 Retrospective Blog Post

The second sprint of the semester started a bit rough for me with my surgery, but I was able to get most (if not all) of my work done throughout the weeks we worked. I was able to help a lot with creating the cards and giving them descriptions at the start, and then the first week or so of the sprint I was very busy. After this initial period, I was able to catch up on my work and get a lot done. I was primarily in charge of getting an updated example of our front end based on an old one that was provided to us from previous years. For this, I used google forms, but in the end I had to take screen shots of all my work and upload those in case the forms document that I created got deleted or lost. This will be helpful for our team and for any students working on this project in the future. There is still a bit of work I need to do on this example to make it perfect for what we want, but this has been added as a small task for me to complete in the next sprint. Overall, our entire team did very well getting a lot done, and although I did not get the backend coding assigned to me, I was able to lend my insight and some advice and code to my teammates. This sprint was a lot different than our previous sprint primarily because it had less to do with learning how to use cards and work in a sprint and had more to do with getting real work done to further our progress on this project. I presume that the next sprint will be even more important, and we will have a lot of hard work to do to try to complete all or most of our cards. Some things that worked well this sprint were our team’s hard work ethic for getting everything done and our ability to communicate well and let each other know what needs to get done and what we need help with. For this sprint, we actually added a member because of the IAmSystem team splitting up after the first sprint. This was not a problem at all and in fact was more helpful because we were able to get even more cards completed over the couple of weeks we had to work. If I were to change anything or expect anything more from the next print, it would be that I personally will be able to get a lot more work done earlier in the sprint without having a surgery as a distraction. I am excited to see how far we can get on this project by the conclusion of this semester, and hopefully we will be able to get a nice looking and working project by the end. This whole experience has been great for me so far for learning how to work in groups for sprints, and I know that after college I will run into many projects where I have to work like this.

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